Announcing the prestigious Foucault Awards for Critical Thought
Junilza Velazquez
Soundous Bouchouar
Michael J. Denis
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TRIGGER ALERT: All courses taught by Professor Welch have a MAXIMUM trigger alert (e.g., graphic analysis of torture, especially at the hands of government operatives).

MISSING CLASS? In the very unlikely event that you miss class. Do NOT email Professor Welch. Instead, have a classmate take notes for you - cheers!

ABSENTEE POLICY (for all courses taught by Professor Welch): A total of six absences (any combination of excused and unexcused) results in a FULL GRADE reduction (e.g., C falls to D).

JUSTICE IN ACTION featuring Prof Angela Y. Davis and Prof Lennox Hinds (Oct 5, 2016) You can view the lectures at the following link:

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For students in PRISONS AND PRISONERS, please view the following videos on prison museums.

The Retroliners tour Alcatraz (and San Francisco) and perform The Sidestroke (all girl swim)

The Retroliners tour the Old Fort Prison (JoBurg, South Africa) and perform Smoking Section

The Retroliners tour the Women's Jail (JoBurg, South Africa) and perform Saint Mascara

The Retroliners tour Robben Island (South Africa) and perform Memories Only

The Retroliners tour Belfast (Northern Ireland) and perform Via Cassavetes

The Retroliners tour the Crumlin Road Prison (Belfast, Northern Ireland) and perform BTO (boogie twist overdrive)

The Retroliners tour the Hong Kong Prison Museum and perform Firewalk

The Retroliners tour the Seodaemun Prison (Seoul) and perform El Ricon de Dante

The Retroliners tour the Melbourne Gaol (Australia) and perform Methane Jane

The Retroliners tour the Hyde Park Barracks (Sydney, Australia) and perform Eyes of Bettie Page

The Retroliners tour Kilmainham Jail (Dublin) and perform No Exit

The Retroliners tour the Argentine Prison Museum (Buenos Aires) and perform Barrio Norte

The Retroliners tour the Clink (London) and perform Forbidden Surf Walk

The Retroliners tour the Eastern State Penitentiary (Philly) and perform Marco Martini

A letter of recommendation? Since 1993, Professor Welch has taught the largest classes in the Criminal Justice Program (without a teaching assistant); consequently, he receives huge volumes of requests to write a letter of recommendation. Therefore, to be eligible for his letter of recommendation policy, you must complete at least two of his upper division courses (e.g., Special Topics) and earn two grades of A.

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